In the beginning we operated mainly in Germany. Now the ever growing demand from around the world has made it essential to expand into the international market. Through word-of-mouth, the quality of our machines and our "know-how" have made their way into over 5,000 saw & tool sharpening and manufacturing companies world-wide. We have sold our products to the following countries:

Code Country Code Country
A Austria
AUS Australia
B Belgium
BG Bulgaria
BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina
BMU Bermuda
BR Brazil
BY Belarus
CDN Canada
CH Switzerland
CO Columbia
CR Costa Rica
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
D Germany
DK Denmark
DZ Algerien
E Spain
EST Estonia
ET Egypt
F France
FIN Finland
FL Liechtenstein
GB Great Britain
GCA Guatemala
GR Greece
H Hungary
HD Honduras
HK Hong-Kong
HKJ Jordan
HR Croatia
I Italy
IL Israel
IND India
IR Iran
IRL Ireland
IS Iceland
J Japan
L Luxembourg
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
MA Morocco
MAL Malaysia
MEX Mexico
MYT Mayotte
N Norway
NL Netherlands
NZ New Zealand
P Portugal
PF French Polynesia
PK Pakistan
PL Poland
PM Madagascar
RCH Chile
RI Indonesia
RL Lebanon
RMM Mali
RO Romania
ROK South Korea
RUS Russia
S Sweden
SA Saudi Arabia
SGP Singapore
SK Slowakia
SLO Slowenia
SN Senegal
SY Seychelles
T Thailand
TR Turkey
TWN Taiwan
UA Ukraine
UAE United Arab Emirates
UK United Kingdom
USA United States of America
VRC People´s Republic of China
XM Macedonia
YU Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
YV Venezuela
ZA South Africa
ZW Zimbabwe